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Sommelier Crafted Coffee

Uniting Wine and Coffee Culture Picacho Coffee has the good fortune of working closely with sommelier Sam Hovland of Austin, Texas to develop a signature blend of specialty coffee, the 529 Plan. Picacho roastmaster, Chad Morris, provides Sam with sample roasts of our seasonal offerings, then Chad and Sam compare...

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Website Launch, Welcome to the new

It boggles my mind to think of where we started back in 2009 compared to where we are today. What you see before you is the third iteration of We've gone from our 2009 basic html listing of current coffees, then only serving as convenient reference for friends, family and...

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Picacho Coffee Interview on KCAA 1050AM Talk Radio

Chad Morris makes his first appearance on KCAA 1050AM Talk Radio with Joshua Lane. We discuss the roots of Picacho Coffee going from do-it-yourself home roasters to premier, small batch, wholesale, specialty roasters. Fast forward to 15:00 to hear a great explanation of commonly used terms like Fair-Trade, Organic, and...

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