Try our new Fruit Co-Fermentation Juicy Lulo

It boggles my mind to think of where we started back in 2009 compared to where we are today. What you see before you is the third iteration of We've gone from our 2009 basic html listing of current coffees, then only serving as convenient reference for friends, family and those in the know. In 2011 we launch our wordpress blog site, which worked well for a number of years. And now we have this. Shopify magic!

For all of our loyal fans and followers out there, we hope that you thoroughly enjoy the new experience. We think you'll also be very pleased to find better shipping rates, and our long awaited coffee subscription service. We're currently offering two subscription options: two 12oz bags per month for $25 OR four 12oz bags per month for $50 (shipping included). I will personally select up to four coffees of contrasting profiles for you to enjoy at the start of each month, freshly roasted of course.

Thanks again everyone. We're really excited to continue serving New Mexico and El Paso our favorite selections of specialty grade arabica.

All the best,

Chad Morris