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Chad Morris makes his first appearance on KCAA 1050AM Talk Radio with Joshua Lane. We discuss the roots of Picacho Coffee going from do-it-yourself home roasters to premier, small batch, wholesale, specialty roasters.

Fast forward to 15:00 to hear a great explanation of commonly used terms like Fair-Trade, Organic, and Single Estate. Other topics include sample roasting, our Sommelier Crafted Coffee Project, and responsibly sourcing organically grown coffee from small farmers who cannot afford organic certification. Enjoy!

For more great interviews with Joshua Lane, you can find him on KCAA 1050AM Talk Radio as part of the NBC News Radio Inland Empire, California. You can also visit Josh at his Vitamin Center in Agoura Hills, California where, as a nutritional consultant with 35+ years of experience, he can help you make healthier choices for a longer, and happier journey in life.