Handcrafted Small Batch Coffee - Picacho Coffee Roasters

Roasting Schedule

Coffee is roasted on Tuesday and shipped on Wednesday. All orders ship whole bean.
Orders must be received by 11:59pm Monday night to be roasted the next day. Please allow 2-5 days for delivery.
Subscriptions are roasted on the first of each month and shipped the following business day.
Check out our locations page for a map of cafés, restaurants and grocers in your area that serve our coffee.

Specialty Grade + Farm Direct

Founded in 2009, Picacho Coffee, a family owned and operated business, roasts nothing but 100% specialty grade, fresh crop, shade grown arabica: the highest grade coffee in the World. Our menu features unique origin and estate coffees including a number of microlots, organic and Fair Trade options. Our espresso, cold brew and moka java blends are created from our seasonal selections.

We work closely with our importers to provide farm-direct access to small holders of the World’s best specialty coffees. The individual farmers, mill operators and coffee pickers who produce our origins and estate coffees enjoy prices and wages that far exceed industry standards, and often make a premium of 100% over market. Through Fair-Trade practices, we help provide essential goods and services to their communities and families.

How We Roast

Great coffee is born on the tree, at the farm. A roaster's job is to prepare for brewing what the farmer has grown – to get out of the way and bring the farmer's vision to life.

Each batch of every coffee we roast tells a story about what it wants to be. We don't rely on automated roast profiles because we believe in letting our senses guide us: hearing, seeing, smelling, and tasting is what coffee roasting is really about. 

Our coffees are roasted as light or as dark as they need to be. An intimacy with the details of specific varietals, the growing process, and climate is essential to procuring great coffee. Nailing a great roast is less tangible. You know a roast is done when it's done.  

Our fully manual 5, 12 and 23-kilo roasters were hand-built by US Roaster Corp in Oklahoma City. They're workhorses and works of art. We love the people who build them as much as the farmers who grow the exceptional coffee we roast.