Cold Brew Blend
$ 18.00

Cold Brew Blend

Notes: Cinnamon, Orange, Chocolate

We use a custom espresso blend for our Toddy because we find that the same blends that produce good espresso, also make the best cold brew.

Be careful! This stuff is strong. The longer a coffee steeps in water the more caffeine it produces. Whereas espresso grounds are only in contact with water for 20-30 seconds, toddy steeps overnight. Cut it with cold water if needed, and add ice for a cold, smooth, coffee drink.

The process of cold brewing mellows the intensity of bright, acidic flavors. For this reason, cold brewing may appeal to coffee drinkers who seek a mild, less-acidic cup.

Brewing: When preparing toddy or cold brew, use a coarse grind, 2 tblsp coffee to 8oz of water and allow the coffee to steep overnight in a covered, refrigerated container. Refer to our upcoming Brewing section for more information on cold brewing and a complete, step-by-step guide for cold brewed coffee.