Moka Java Blend Specialty Grade Coffee Beans from Picacho Coffee Roasters
$ 13.00

Moka Java

Blended Coffee

Notes: Earthy, Fruity, Floral
 Dark (Full City +)
Blue Mountain \ Heirloom \ Arusha \ Kent
Elevation: 1800m +
Process: Washed and Natural
Farmer: Africa & Indonesia Growers

Our Moka Java is our vision of the World's first coffee blend. The name "Moka" refers to an old coffee port in Yemen as well as an heirloom arabica varietal. Coffees that traditionally make up this half of the blend grow wild near the Red Sea in both Ethiopia and Yemen. The "Java" refers to Indonesian or so-called Island coffees, traded heavily by the Dutch beginning in the seventeenth century. Contrary to popular misconception there is no chocolate in a traditional Moka Java coffee blend.

We've crafted this blend to create a superior everyday cup that is fragrant, sweet and complex, yet grounded and bold enough to satisfy the everyday coffee drinker.