529 Plan
$ 18.00

529 Plan

Blended Coffee

Notes: Floral, Caramel, Tobacco, Lemon Peel
 Medium (Full City)
 Caturra \ Typica
Elevation: 1200m +
Process: Natural and Washed
Farmer: South & Central America Growers

This coffee is an exclusive part of our new Sommelier Crafted Coffee project. Picacho roastmaster, Chad Morris and sommelier Sam Hovland of Austin, Texas are collaborating to develop signature blends of our specialty coffees. Our sommelier-crafted blends are the tangible result of this exciting connection between coffee and wine geeks.

Look for floral notes, caramel, and tobacco, good body and a touch of lemon peel brightness on the finish.

529 Plan Sommelier Crafted Specialty Coffee