Kenya, Meru: AA Select+
$ 15.00

Kenya, Meru
AA Select+

Single Origin Coffee

Notes: Cara Cara Orange, Apricot, Currant, Milk Caramel

Roast: Light (City +)

Varietal: Kenyan Mokka Hybrids

Elevation: 1400 - 2000m

Process: Washed & Sun-Dried

Farmer: Central Mt. Kenyan Farm Holders

This Kenyan offering comes to you from Meru County which resides on the northeastern slopes of Mount Kenya. Our Kenya, Meru AA Select+ is cooperatively grown at high elevation (1700 - 1800m), and a near perfect specialty-grade, microlot from Kenya. It cups clean with notes of Orange Julius, pomelo and Dutch process cocoa, and has just enough sweetness in the cup to achieve an amazing balance.

In recent years Meru County has been increasingly supportive of its community of coffee farmers. The result: farmers are reaping the benefits in the form of improved wages and crop appraisals compared with neighboring regions. A central Meru milling plant is now yielding consistently high quality Kenyan SL28 and SL34 arabica varietals. These varietals are accessions of heirloom bourbon especially adapted for the terroir of Kenya as well as parts of Tanzania, Malawi, and Burundi.

Kenya is regarded as the bar for intense, lively, bright coffees; a country wherein all other bright, complex or washed coffees may be measured against. The terms bright and intense are used here in a positive, general sense to describe more in depth flavors which are themselves delicate, clean, floral, citrusy and refined. This fame has not come to Kenya by accident. These are truly some of the best coffees produced in the World, and we have our hands on a real dandy of a lot purchased at auction direct from Meru. This one is not to be missed!

Brewing: We recommend brewing in a Chemex or other pour-over device versus an auto-drip machine in order to experience the full complexity and depth of flavor this coffee has to offer. Refer to our brewing section for complete, step-by-step guides on the varied methods of fine coffee and espresso brewing.