Costa Rica, Hacienda Sonora
Costa Rica, Hacienda Sonora Costa Rica, Hacienda Sonora
$ 16.00

Costa Rica, Hacienda Sonora 

Single Estate Micro Lot 

Notes: Cherry, Apricot, Blueberry, Caramel and Cream

Roast: Light (City+)

Varietal: Obata 

Elevation: 1300m

Process: Natural 

Farmer: Diego Guardia 

Our new Costa Rica Microlot, from Hacienda Sonora is a natural processed Red Obata coffee variety that produces a complex cup with some fruity notes and accompanying accents of chocolate and caramel. Red Obata coffee, a cross between Timor and Villa Sarchi was developed in Brazil and introduced to Costa Rica in 2014 by The Costa Rican Coffee Institute or ICAFE as a highly productive arabica variety with a high tolerance to rust. Sonora’s Obata coffee plants are just one of 20 varieties produced here, each being independently grown and picked, and separately processed.

Going back to its roots over a century ago, Hacienda Sonora has remained connected to the specialty scene as a leader in innovative processing and mixed planting of coffee varieties. The current owner, Alberto Guardia has been in charge since the 70’s, and together with his son Diego they manage all of Sonora’s 197 acres, keeping each of their coffee varieties strictly separated as individual growing plots. For father and son, it’s common practice to keep everything portioned and easily identifiable until the moment of its export in Grainpro parcels. Sonora is made up of 20% trees and forest, 5% roads, and 75% coffee trees. Incredibly nearly 50 acres of Sonora is entirely forest reserve! They generate their own energy, and are able to provide their own irrigation using a river that flows through the property as their water source.

The Sonora Red Obata coffee is hand picked and rinsed for separation of floaters, and pulped in penagos keeping 100% of the mucilage intact. The lot is then patio dried for 9 days, before resting for 3 days at the warehouse at 14% humidity. Afterwards it is mechanically dried for better uniformity at temperatures that never exceed 95° f. The coffee is dried to a moisture level of 10.5%, before resting in parchment for a period of 2 months. In the final stage it is dry milled and sorted by weight, screen, density and color, and shipped in Grainpro.