Colombia Cienaga, Chenua Monte Verde
Colombia Cienaga, Chenua Monte Verde Colombia Cienaga, Chenua Monte Verde Colombia Cienaga, Chenua Monte Verde Colombia Cienaga, Chenua Monte Verde Colombia Cienaga, Chenua Monte Verde Colombia Cienaga, Chenua Monte Verde Colombia Cienaga, Chenua Monte Verde
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Colombia Cienaga, Chenua 
Monte Verde: Anaerobic Fermentation

Single Estate Micro Lot 

Notes: Strawberry, Abuelita Chocolate, Brownie Batter, Pepper, Rose, Red wine (Nerello Mascalese)

Roast: Light (City+)

Varietal: Castillo

Elevation: 1700m absl
Process: Anaeorobic Fermentation/Dry Processed
Farmer: Javier Carrascal

Javier Carrascal Reyes is 65 years old and lives on his 15-hectare farm with his wife, Carmen Emira Saravia Blanco, and their eight children. Javier has been working with coffee for 22 years and has always seen it as a sustainable plant, with the ability to offer financial security for himself and his family.

Javier currently has two hectares planted with Castillo coffee trees, and the rest of the property is dedicated to the cultivation of vegetables for their consumption and forest, making it quite the biodiverse and green space. He truly relishes life on the farm and would never consider leaving. He says life there is rich, with everything one needs at their fingertips, and that it is a privilege to live on such fruitful land.

The fermentation begins when the coffee cherries are purchased from Javiers farm in covered 30kg valved tanks. The tanks are then transported to the Delagua drying center, which takes approximately 25 hours. The valves allow the oxygen to escape, creating an anaerobic environment that allows us to maintain an average temperature of 18° celsius. This means the pH levels fall slowly, furthering the proliferation of lactic acids within the fermentation. This greatly contributes to the juicy, fruity, and exotic yet clean profiles we find in the cup. The aim is to produce naturals that challenge the perception that naturals are inherently funky. The precise and controlled approach taken allows us to preserve clarity in the coffees, while still innovating new and vibrant profiles. In the drying center, the coffee rests on 52 raised beds, each 1.8 meters wide by 20 meters long. Forty beds are completely exposed to the sun, and 12 beds are covered in 60% shade.

The average time it takes for Monte Verde naturals to dry is between 25 and 30 days. All of the coffee is dried naturally by sunlight at our facility. They begin with two days in beds fully exposed to the sun, then move to poly-mesh covered beds to extend the drying period to an average of 25 days.

This year, Delagua only produced natural process coffees to help preserve local water  sources and stop contaminating it. They also are the only ones to process this quantity of naturals in the area, due to infrastructure challenges faced on the road from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to the drying stations in lower altitudes, where drying conditions are optimal for natural coffees. Another thing that sets us apart in the area is that during both the fermentation and drying processes, we keep each batch separate. This helps us maintain our high standards of precision, and keep meticulous notes on each coffee throughout its entire journey. 



Dose:  32g
Grind: Medium fine
Water: 500ml at 198 degrees Fahrenheit 
Bloom: 50ml of water saturating the coffee. 
2nd Pour: Pour in tight circles until your at 300ml 
Final Pours: Add 20-40ml of water each pour until reaching 500ml. Allow coffee to drain almost fully between pours. 
Final Brew Time: 4 minutes