Colombia, Armenia: Finca La Estrella Gesha Lot
$ 10.00

Colombia, Armenia
Finca La Estrella

Single Estate Micro Lot Coffee

Notes: Jasmine, Bergemot, Strawberry Soup, Concord Grape, Plum
 Light (City +)
Elevation: 1500 - 1800m
Process: Dry Processed (Natural)
Farmer: Jairo Ivan Lopez

This rare Gesha lot was grown by Jairo Ivan Lopez, a civil engineer who lives in Armenia, Quindio. Jairo decided to make a bet in specialty coffee by planting Gesha in two different farms in Pijao, Quindio and Java on one farm in Buenavista, Quindio. After trying a Natural Gesha from Panama, Jairo Ivan decided to devote the rest of his life to specialty coffee.

Our partners in Colombia have been working closely with Jairo Ivan Lopez for 2 years, continually improving drying and fermentation times and only picking the ripest cherries. The results have continued to improve year after year. Strict cherry picking criteria was performed to only choose cherries at their optimum ripness.

After being transported to La Pradera processing station, cherries are floating in order to even out the temperature of all cherries, clean impurities and remove cherries with lower density. After, floated cherries were sorted by hand in order to ensure only the best cherries were used.

Later, cherries were exposed to a dry fermentation of 12 hours, and later dried on raised beds to 10% moisture content. When dried, this lot was stored in grainpro bags for 3 months, later milled, hand sorted and vacuum packed.