Sudan Rume Extended Fermentation Natural
Sudan Rume Extended Fermentation Natural Sudan Rume Extended Fermentation Natural Sudan Rume Extended Fermentation Natural
$ 18.00

Sudan Rume Extended Fermentation Natural grown by Jairo Arcila

Finca Villarazo

Armenia, Colombia 

Single Estate Micro Lot 

Notes: Mango, Peach, Strawberry, Dry red Wine, Dark Chocolate

Roast: Light (City+)

Varietal: 100% Sudan Rume

Elevation: 1700m - 1900m  AMSL 
Process: Dry Aerobic Fermentation and Natural Finish
Farmer: Jairo Arcila

Sudan Rume is an ancient and exceptionally wild and rare variety. That bolsters a sweet and fruit-forward cup. Originally cultivated in South Sudan’s Boma plateau near the border of Ethiopia. One of the main reasons Sudan Rume is not widely cultivated commercially is its low productivity. However, Sudan Rume has stronger resistance to Coffee Berry Disease and Coffee Leaf Rust than other Arabica strains. Today, the variety is primarily cultivated by plant breeders to include in cultivars. One of its most famous descendants is SL-28. When Sudan Rume is grown commercially it is coveted for it distinctive aromatic profile and is backed up by waves of soft ripe fruit and a deep rich sweetness

This particular coffee was grown by Jairo Arcila at the farm Villarazo. It was exposed to  a dry aerobic fermentation for 24 hours before being placed inside Grainpro bag for 50 hours at a temperature below 22 degrees celsius. The whole cherries were then placed on raised beds until 11% moisture was achieved. 

In the cup you will find a sweet and almost dainty tea like profile. Stone fruits and Mango will excite the tongue first while a slight Strawberry/Red wine like acidity grips the sides of your tongue. The mid palate is sweet and Caramel like while hinting at a little funkyness from the extended fermentation. The finish is Dark Chocolate and briefly lingers.