El Salvador, Santa Ana Natural Monte Verde
El Salvador, Santa Ana Natural Monte Verde Pacas Baby coffee shrubs Mucilage remover
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El Salvador, Santa Ana 
Natural Monte Verde

Single Estate Coffee

Notes: Watermelon, Strawberry, Lime, Sangria wine, Honey

Roast: Light (City +)

Varietal: Yellow and Red Bourbon and Pacas

Elevation: 1400m

Process: Natural

Farmer: Rene Contreras


Mr. Rene grew up listening to the stories of his grandparents about how they formed what today is Finca Monte Verde, a beautiful family project, a legacy of sacrifice and passion from over 100 years of experience. Finca Monte Verde is a paradise among the clouds whose height allows us the appreciation of the fusion of neighboring country Guatemala and surrounded by majestic vegetation and fauna. Mr. Contreras day begins next to his coffee pickers enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. Coffee produced in Monte Verde can produce an explosion of exotic flavors ranging from chocolate and caramel to floral and fruit. Influence from his biodiversity and shade has an extremely positive impact on the quality of coffee and environment.

Continuous improvements allow focus on diversifying the varieties of coffee, implementing better post-harvest practices, new processing techniques. Recently he has employed practices such as honey, natural and controlled fermentation. Being a coffee grower in El Salvador has not been an easy task. However, teamwork, perseverance, and love for his patrimony has given Rene the necessary tools not only to produce a coffee of excellent quality but also to grow as an independent coffee grower, making the family business grow and creating the opportunity to contribute to the development of Canton Monte Verde where the farm is located.

In the cup you will find a fruit forward cup, medium to light body and notes of strawberry, watermelon and sangria wine with a sweet honey like finish.