Panama, Finca La Santa: Santa Clara Boquete SHB
$ 16.00

Panama, Finca La Santa, Santa Clara
Boquete SHB

Single Origin Coffee

Notes: Cocoa, Toffee, Cherry Tomato, Tangerine Cream

Roast: Medium (City +) 

Varietal:  Catuai, Typica, Caturra

Elevation: 1500 - 1650m

Process: Washed and Sun Dried

Farmer: Jose Manuel Gallardo

This perfectly balanced Panama comes from the Boquete region which carries a well-earned reputation for the best source of Panamanian specialty coffee. In the cup look for a sweet, cherry tomato note accompanied by a rounded, caramel body and cocoa finish. The cup has a substantial mouthfeel and body for a washed coffee.

Boquete is located within the Chiriqui region to the west, near the border of Costa Rica. The lot is hand picked from Catuai, Caturra and Typica trees grown in mineral-rich volcanic soil at the highest point in Panama (1200 - 1800m) on the slopes of the dormant volcano, Baru. Due to the high altitude it earns an additional SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) classification. The altitude, soil composition and humid growing conditions all contribute to a floral, acidic cup profile and exceptional aroma. The lot is wet-milled, and sun dried on concrete patios.

U.S. and European green buyers have the tendency to quickly acquire the best of the Panama lots. This combined with a relatively low production means creates a very high demand for this sought after origin.